A&E Bath & Shower

A&E Shower & Bath

Striking, stylish and modern. Gleaming porcelain and polished metal with attention grabbing sharp lines and sensual curves. Now you can add that sophisticated look to your home with A&E Bath and Shower’s line of bathroom and kitchen faucets, fixtures, bathtubs and shower stalls.

Want something a little more vintage to add class to your bathroom? A&E Bath and Shower has a line of bathtubs inspired by a retro aesthetic but with a fresh, up to date touch.

Modernizing the look of your bathroom and kitchen? Come see A&E Bath and Shower’s line of stainless steel faucets and shower fixtures now available alongside our lease to own furniture. 

A&E Bath and Shower’s bathroom and shower products are all about the contemporary look that’s as clean as you will feel when you try their bathtubs and shower stalls. That’s why Furniture7 is proud to include their line of products on our buy now pay later online catalog, with payments as low as $7 a week with our furniture credit.