Appliances & Electronics

You've stocked your living room with stylish and modern living room furniture. Your bedroom with a mattress, a bedroom set, and makeup vanity mirror. Your kitchen, dining room, and even your den are complete with the home furniture you need, but something is missing.

Then you go to do a load of laundry, and it clicks. The laundry room doesn't have a washer and dryer! You realize you don't even have a TV or media entertainment center in the living room yet. Not even a game console or virtual reality set to entertain the kids. There aren't any appliances in the kitchen, like a fridge, a microwave or a dishwasher in sight.

When you furnish and decorate your house with Furniture7, don't forget the appliances and electronics essentials to complete your rooms! With high-quality furniture items and appliances under a financial leasing program from Furniture7 and Progressive Leasing, there's no need to pay right away.

Furniture7 isn't only for home furniture. You can get the essentials you need for your home in our Appliances & Electronics catalog. Now with Progressive Leasing as your lease to own financial leasing program, all those home appliances, and electronics essentials are within reach. Plus, there is no credit needed when you apply now using your Prog Leasing account. Make your home theatre setup perfect, or step up your kitchen with much-needed appliance upgrades.

Microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers & dryers, get the essential appliances you need for added comfort and convenience to your home. And speaking of comfort, prepare for the hot summer months when you finance an air conditioner on a Furniture7 rent to own program! Or on a 12 month Progressive Leasing no credit needed plan! There is even the choice of a 90 day early buy-out option when buying retail is not the way for you!

Electronics? Save time and money by financing your next laptop, television, and game console with F7! Besides those, shutterbugs will love our lease to own financing deals on digital cameras.

The home tailor will appreciate Furniture7 for more than our sewing tables. Lease to own on sewing machines and sewing essentials... right down to the tiniest fingerhut!

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