Set-up Fee - $699.00

User Fee - $49.00/weekly

F7 Member Special Price

* only one item per customer is allowed.

Credit Advise Software comes with the following:

Credit Repair Generator will help you dispute errors on your credit report and allow you to communicate effectively with creditors and credit reporting agencies. Streamline your process and get the credit rating that you deserve.

Debt Settlement Suite that Dispute Debts and Collections; Negotiate Debt – Lower Pmt or Lump Sum Settlement; Demand of Production & Documentation; Cease and Desist – Stop the Phone Calls!; Budget Calculator; Release of Debt and liability; Payment Reduction Request; Consumer Proposal (Partners)

Credit Suite - Affiliate Credit Card Programs and Approvals center
Identity Lock - 12 Months Protection and monitoring

* $2500 F7 PowerLine™ 1
* Guaranteed VISA approval2

1. The $2500 Furniture7 approval is exclusively authorized under the terms of the lease and can only be used in conjunction with products and services offered by Furniture7. The approval will be held open for usage up to 48 hours from the date issued.

2. The credit cards are subject to the approval of 3rd party Visa provider. Any such guarantees are subject to the terms and conditions of the 3rd party issuer.