Bromi Design

Bromi Design Inc. is the premier lighting brand for trades and commercial buildings, brings their unique sense of style and decorum to you through its network of online and physical dealers throughout North America. Thanks to Furniture7, their sophisticated modern style can be brought to the home of any style-conscious buyer, thanks to $2500 in in-store credit when you get loan with bad credit under our credit for bad credit furniture finance program.

Featuring cutting edge, fashionable design and energy efficient interior lighting solutions, Bromi Design is as practical and functional as they are uncompromisingly high in quality. Bromi offers table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights. Bromi lighting finishes a space in a way that elevates a room’s existing aesthetics, turning any interior motif into something bigger, brighter and prouder.

Bromi Design doesn't limit itself to interior lighting solutions. Check out Bromi's line of dining chairs and barstools, now available when you make your kitchen furniture on credit purchase.

With Bromi Design’s modern lighting solutions now available through Furniture7, you too can light with striking intention. For more bright ideas, check out Bromi and much more on our furniture rent to own catalog.