Butler started off in 1930, as a manufacturer of clock shelves and radio benches and over time branched into novelty accent furniture including tables, valets, costumers, wall racks, curios and more. Exacting standards were built into the manufacturing processes back then and the tradition continues till date.

Butler Specialty is today an undisputed industry leader in accent furniture and their products, traditional or modern, never fail to become the “Brightest Spot In Your Room.”

Butler Specialty is never content with the standalone notion of quality, the company lays a strong emphasis on product design. Their motto is to craft every item in a manner that it introduces freshness and character into customers’ home and office space. From timeless to being cutting edge, Butler Specialty’s design approach makes sure that customers feel strongly to own a piece of furniture and take pride in doing so. Products are also designed to reflect individual customer’s sense of style.

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