Frequently Asked Questions

Do you record and monitor incoming and outgoing calls and online chats?

Furniture7™  may record and monitor  incoming and outgoing telephone, cellular, cordless, wireless, VOIP, all other voice calls, and online chats with you for customer service, reference,  verification,  accuracy, agreement enforcement and training purposes.  If you do not want Furniture7™   to record or monitor your calls and online chats;  do not access or use the websites, do not become a member or lessee, do not speak with us, or only communicate with us by email or in writing.

How does the transaction work?

We lease you new products that you select from Furniture7 under a rent-to-own lease agreement.  Under that lease, you make periodic lease payments, either make 52 weekly payments, 26 bi-weekly payments, or 12 monthly payments to acquire ownership of the rented goods.

What are the general requirements to apply?

To apply for and be approved for a spending limit, you must be at least 18 years old, have a current source of income, have an active bank account with a valid debit card and reside in the U.S.

Do I need to have good credit?

No. Good credit is not necessary but not everyone with bad credit is approved. Our goal is to help most consumers with bad credit get goods they want.

Do you pull my credit score?

We may obtain a credit score or a credit report in order to approve or increase your spending limit, or to approve your lease.

Do you report to credit bureaus? Can you help build my credit?

We may report on your lease to credit bureaus. We also provide a report to you at the end of your lease that you can provide to credit bureaus.  We do not and can not guarantee an improvement to your credit score or report.

Can I get more than one product?

Yes, you may lease any number of lease products up to your pre-approved spending limit.

What is the spending limit?

Your spending limit is the total annual rental price of the products you are approved to lease. Our decisions are based on your income and past repayment history.  If you have been a customer in the past and had a good payment history we may be glad to increase your limit.

What if I exceed my limit?

Each order is processed and reviewed.  In some cases we may make an exception and may extend the increase to you.

I was approved for a $2500 Spending limit. How much should I keep my payments at?

We encourage our customers to spend responsibly.  Typically, people whom have been approved for $2500 will keep their payments under $49/week.

Can I increase my spending limit?

We can typically increase your spending limit once you have demonstrated on your first order that you are capable of managing the payments.  As you pay down your lease and acquire our furniture, we will look forward to establishing an ongoing relationship with you.  Typically, we increase spending limits in increments of $500 and we base our decisions on your income and past interactions with us.

How does the lease work?

With your lease, you are agreeing to make periodic lease payments (either weekly payments, bi-weekly payments or monthly payments) to us. The lease continues until you return the lease products, purchase the products early, or make all required lease payments for a year.

When can I buy the lease products?

You can buy the lease products at any time by exercising an early purchase option for the cash price of the lease products.  You can also acquire the products by making all required payments.

What happens if I decide that I don’t want to make payments for the whole 12 months?

If you change your mind in the first 90 days call us and we will be more than glad to offer you a discount for a fast payout by  exercising an early purchase option for the cash price of the lease products.   .In many cases our customers will receive a discount between 40 to 60%. We will do almost anything to keep you as a loyal customer.

Can I choose between weekly, bi-weekly and monthly periodic lease payments?

Yes, you can be scheduled for periodic weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments.

When are periodic lease payments due?

Your periodic lease payments will be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The first payment will occur on the commencement date of the lease or a subsequent agreed upon date. Under the lease, you authorize us to debit periodic lease payments from your designated bank process.

How are the lease products delivered?

Shipping is absolutely free and takes approximately two (2) to three (3) weeks for Supersonic Express delivery. This is included when you prepay your first six (6) weekly payments. Speeding up your payments will speed up shipping and best of all you are not paying one (1) penny more! These are simply payments that will come off the overall amount due in your agreement, meaning that you end up owning the furniture faster. Please keep in mind that occasionally items may be on backorder which may delay shipping.

What is regular basic delivery, shipping and handling?

Regular basic delivery, shipping and handling will usually result in the delivery of products to your door. However on large, heavy or awkward products, many deliveries may be curbside drop off.  If you require expedited or special delivery, white glove delivery, or product assembly please contact us for pricing on the additional services offered. 

Cancellations for lease order

Due to our commitment to process orders quickly, there is a limited period of time in which the order for your lease can be cancelled. Please follow directions to submit a cancellation request. Please note that a request, acceptance or denial of the cancellation will be sent to the email on the order. You may cancel the lease order by prior written notice to Furniture7 within seventytwo (72) hours of signature of the agreement.   If you cancel the lease after seventy-two (72) hours, and where we have acquired the lease products from the manufacturer and begun shipping the products to you, you will be responsible for the manufacturer's restocking and handling charge which may also be deducted from your security deposit charge.

Can I return the lease products?

Upon you providing us with fifteen (15) days prior written notice and obtaining a RMA Code (Return Merchandise Authorization), you may return the products to us. Furniture7 will arrange for the return but you are required pay for regular delivery, shipping and handling costs to return them. Shipping must be paid in full by you prior to our pick up of your returns. Return shipping is NOT included in any membership.

Are there refunds of prior periodic lease payments?

There will be no refunds of prior periodic lease payments under any circumstances.

Do I need to pay a Security Deposit?

In most cases we can approve you without a security deposit.  However if your order exceeds your spending limit, we may ask for a small deposit.  Typically, the only other times you will be required to put up a security deposit would be if one or more of your membership or lease payments was declined or late (suggest delete this text as don’t use word default: went into default for any reason).

What does my Furniture7 Premium Membership include?

Your Premium Membership includes free regular basic shipping from the manufacturer to your door or curbside, F7 Protection Program, discounts on thousands of items, our Identity Monitoring and Protection program, and administration and processing fees will be waived. As a Member, you will also be eligible for contests and access to the free furniture giveaway program.

Is the Furniture7 Premium Membership worth it?

Absolutely it is! Just the shipping cost alone in most cases could cost more if you had to pay for it separately. Now add in the F7 Protection Program and the waived security deposit which usually costs hundreds of dollars, and you are ahead of the game. Many of our customers use our program to furnish their whole home.

No cancellation or refunds of Furniture7 Premium Membership

Your payment of the Furniture7 Membership Fee is non-refundable and non-returnable, and no payments will  be cancelled or refunded under any circumstances.

Other websites offer FREE SHIPPING on furniture and don’t have memberships!

Don’t be fooled! There is no such thing as free shipping. In almost every case, the shipping cost is simply buried into their price.