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Furniture Of America

Furniture of America


Furniture of America was established with the dream of creating an employee-focused business. With a firm belief that furniture purchases are an important milestone for any person and every home, FOA established their first furniture warehouse in Southern California over a decade ago.  Since then FOA has grown with up to five warehouses throughout the United States with a combined space of 2 million square feet. An efficient, automating distribution network means your delivery is brought to you fast.


FOA promotes the “Made in America” label by being a prime source of US-made upholstery thanks to their line of trend-setting and beautiful textiles that appeal to a wide range of customers. And thanks to their employee-focused model, each FOA piece is assembled by a dedicated and loyal workforce whom are part owners of the company. Their furniture is built with happiness, respect and teamwork!


FOA's furniture catalog includes bedroom furniture, kids & youth furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, outdoor furniture and accents & decor.


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