Kalora Interiors takes philanthropy and entrepreneurship to the next level with their line of rugs and carpets.

Kalora’s founders, originally from the non-profit charity organization International Development Enterprises, found a chance to provide jobs and opportunities for people in developing countries. However, International Development Enterprises was a charity and couldn’t go into business themselves, so Kalora was formed as a hybrid company. Kalora purchases rugs produced by suppliers in India & Bangladesh and imports them to lucrative western markets. Since its founding in 1984, Kalora, partnered with IDE, has brought income opportunities to families in the developing world.  Over the years Kalora has expanded its line of hand-made rugs and added machine made rugs from Belgium and Turkey.

With their wide variety of hand-made and machine made area rugs, partnership with IDE and their devotion to helping people in need. Furniture7 is glad to include Kalora Interiors into their catalog of fine products such as Kalora area rugs, Kalora textured rugs, Platinum rugs.